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Hey there, the blog is brand new and I'm still working on various parts (like this one ;-)

Until I set up the proper bells and whistles (social media buttons or what-have-you), you can talk to me on twitter, or send an old-school email via the form below.

Oh yeah, you can also sign up to my list (I have nothing to sell, too busy to talk BS, so the worst thing that can happen is that I wont send anything for a while ;-)

I know it's amateurish as fuck, but for now you'll have to visit one of my posts, scroll to the bottom and sign up there.

Sorry for the mess, I'm working on it!

Send me an email!

Unless you are a spammer or a major douchebag, the mail gets lost, the dog eats my laptop, I'll get hit by a bus etc (all the usual suspects that apply in a similar situation) I'm going to reply!